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Phillip Chance Md2005-11-02 00:36

While finding replacement Janszen tweeters is relatively easy, I\'ve had no luck locating any bass panels or anyone who could tell me how to repair or rebuild them. Any help or leads will be greatly appreciated!


Phillip Chance Md2005-11-02 00:36

We have begun offering complete refurbishment services for the JansZen 1-30 tweeter arrays, the KLH Nine and the Acoustech X. We also repair individual woofer elements from the KLH Nine and Acoustech X, and restore power supply units from the KLH Nine. restore@janszenloudspeaker.com.

Steven Shore2016-03-20 07:42


I have Janszen Z-412 HP speakers. The woofers were deteriorating and the rubber crumbled on one. I asked a repair shop about replacing the woofers. They actually told me that I should just buy new speakers. I ended up getting a Speaker Foam Surround Repair Kit on ebay. I just looked for one that was the same size and looked the same from the picture (not paying attention to the brand). It was easy to use and my Janzens have been working for several years since that repair.

I don't know if that is your issue, but I hope to keep my speakers working.

Jim Deni2016-09-27 23:06

I have a pair of Janszen 1-30 tweeter arrays. One has started sounding a little duller than the other. What do you include in the refurb service on these speakers? Are there components, such as electrolytic caps that you change as regular maintenance? Also, what is cost to refurbish?

Thanks - I will look forward to hearing from you.

Rochester, NY

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