130, Remounting of Janszen drive elements

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Brian Wallen2005-05-25 22:07

I have a pair of Janszen 130 from about 1965. These were one of the earliest electrostatics produced. The model was available in two configurations--with four six inch elements mounted in a row on a single plane and with them mounted in a fan-shaped cabinet to improve horizontal dispersion. Both versions were in closed boxes filled with fiberglass to absorb the backwave. I want to remount my Janszen elements in an enclosure that is more similar to the original rectangular box. I will stack them vertically and will probably play around with slight offsets to improve horizontal dispersion, but target a single sweet spot listening position. They will be biamped and used with KEF B-139 woofers. Most modern electrostats are bipolar and I have assumed that the reflected backwave added to the airy quality. Any one have ideas about why the Janszen were enclosed? Since their range is about 600 up, it doesn\'t seem like backwave cancellation would have been an issue. Are there other considerations I should take into account in mounting them with an open back?


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