Z-700, woofer problem

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Dave Monahan2004-05-15 08:51

Greetings From Colorado. I blew a woofer just recently and I had the pair of them rebuilt with very unsatisfactory results ( 1/2 the bass response as before). According to the Z-700 brochure the woofer is a \"Model 350 Dynamic\", it is also called the \"Model 350C\". I\'m thinking now that if I can find the same woofer in another JansZen model it will make restoring these speakers a lot easier. What I\'d like to know is what other JansZen speakers from that era also had the same woofer? Specifically I\'m thinking that the Z-400, Z-500, Z-600, Z-800 or the Z-900 might have the same woofer. Can anyone confirm this. Thank You, Dave Monahan


Hans Zeeuwe2004-05-15 08:53

Here is what I know: the Z-600, Z-700 and Z-900 and Z-960 use the Model 350 Dynamic speaker. Here are the woofer models: Z-600 – 350B dynamic woofer Z-700 – 350C dynamic woofer Z-900 – 350D dynamic woofer (2 of them) Z-960 – 350D dynamic woofer I hope this helps.

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