Z-40, value estimate needed

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Gordon Cesssford2004-02-24 01:06

I have found a pair of Janszen Z-40s in a repair shop in New Zealand. They are for sale at $NZ 900 = $US 450. Is that a good price? They seem to work fine - good sound. Also, what years were they produced ? Are the from the 1970s?

If I were to get them, what is the recommended care of such speakers - is there anything particular to avoid? Any tips of adice about siuch speakers would be most welcome. Please drop me an email if you can help.


Malcolm Fraser2005-07-03 12:47

I realise this was a while ago. Which repair shop were they in (location in New Zealand)?

Chris Honeyfield2006-07-27 07:37

Axxent Audio , New Lynn Auckland ?? I have a pair ,they are legendary I reckon they rock for 9hundy

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