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Scott2004-02-24 00:59

Dear sirs, I have a pair of Altec speakers (9844a), which my friend has helped me customize, meaning pulling out the terrible horn in the enclosure. I picked up a pair of 329a horns, and had a custom electronic crossover made. Now, my friend is pushing me to try to find a Janszen tweeter to make it a three-way system. He can\'t remember which Janszen it is, but feels it would make a dramatic improvement in my system. I am not technical, so I don\'t if it is a tweeter array I would need, or what. Do you know which model or models that might fit the bill. I would like to purchase one, or if you have a parts list, once I find the model and buy one, I\'m sure I would need parts.

The modifications I would want to make would be as follows:

Supposedly, this combination makes a dynamite midrange horn combo. I saw a pair on Ebay go for around $1,000. I now have 4 31a\'s plus three 730 drivers, which I would be willing to sell or trade. The electrostatic tweeter array doesn\'t necessarily have to be a Janszen. Any ideas would be heartily and gratefully accepted. Thanking you, in advance. Best wishes, Scott


Brian Wallen2005-05-28 09:22

Scott, I am not familiar with the particular Altec speakers you have, but because you said you removed a horn and added a horn, I assume that this system uses a compression mid and high frequency drivers. Such systems are generally very efficient, their design dating from the 1950s when amplifiers were small and efficiency was important. Electrostatic speakers are among the least efficient types. Without an electronic crossover with gain controls on each channel, it would likely be difficult to match the efficiency of your other drivers to the Janszen. You might want to consider other types of high frequency drivers. Try to find an efficiency level for your speaker system. This will be quoted as SPL. Then shop for a HF driver with a similar SPL rating. The HF driver would need to have a smooth response down to the crossover point of your MF driver. You also need to be sure that your crossover network will support a three way system.

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