Z-30, info needed

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Anthony2004-02-24 00:35

I have a pair of Janszen Z-30 that I got from a garage sale for $30 N.Z. Just wanting to know how old they could be, If anyone has info on them spec sheets or a manual. How much would they be worth. They sound great. Thanks Anthony


Joerg Baar2004-02-24 00:36

Anthony wanted to know the price for his Janszens Z-30 that he got in a garage-sale for $30. I saw a working pair in good shape these days for over 550$ sold in eBay. I do not know if they are worth it but that is what enthusiasts give for them.....

Jim H2005-04-26 00:43

I paid $150 CaD for mine at an auction ten years ago. I\'m pretty sure nobody else knew what electrostatic speakers were. In the early 70\'s I went to Bay-Bloor Radio in Toronto, Canada to hear a set of Dayton-Wright full range panels that were about 75\" square. The clincher was that the saleperson dropped the stylus on the record at one point which caused an arc, apparently blowing a hole in the mylar!

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