ERC-139, Info needed

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Grosen2004-02-23 22:24

I\'m intrigued (stuck with) a pair of these too: 2\' cube box with nothing inside. Downward facing 10” woofer mounted atop. And an array of 8 ESTweeters in a octagonal (of course) plastic cab above, mounted to the woofer\'s magnet. Who wants to fix them for me? Or take them off my hands?.


Margot Copeland2004-02-23 22:24

The model was the ERC-139...from what I remember they were made by Dennesen or Janszen. They were sold by Tech Hi-Fi in the mid \'70\'s. A presentation was given was by a fairly old and rather quiet Arthur Janszen on his new ESL tweeter design, which I believe did not use a polarizing voltage, or a used a very low one. It utilized a single wire wound in a spiral from the inside out. They had very little surface area and very low output, especially in the mid frequencies (something that it had to do because of it\'s downward facing woofer of the 139). My impression was a very dull sounding speaker. Margot Copeland

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