XG-10, Plastic surrounding fix

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Russ Fulks2004-02-23 22:23

I have a pair of Dayton-Wright electrostats, XG-10 (I think). My question is two parts:

how can I identify my speakers

1. The plastic surrounding the speakers is torn and must be replaced, how do I do this?
2. I have been searching for answers to this question for over a year now, and have just found this web site. I can not tell you how relieved I will be to have found your answer.


Paul Young2004-02-23 22:23

All the XG-10 / IM-10 units that we sold had to have labels and stickers etc on them to be legal for sale. Model numbers and serial numbers were put on all parts for warranty reasons. You should be able to find them by looking in good light and moving the parts around to see all sides. If the units never had such labels - they are not XG-10s. If the labels have been removed - they could be anything. The easiest to ”see” difference between the XG10 and XG8 speaker cabinets is the plywood braces and huge gobs of DAP (black glue) that we added to the back of the cell frame structure when doing the XG10 variant. If there re-enforcements are not there - you have XG8s.

I am sure that there are many excellent instructions on the Circuit pages for replacing the plastic covers on ESLs. The D-W covers aren\'t much different than them - with the possible exception that the material used should block the migration of SF6 gas should you decide to re-fill the boxes when the covers are repaired. This ability of a function of the molecular structure of the plastic - but just about any plastic film will block SF6 since it is such a honkin\' big molecule. At the factory we used a 2 step process - cement (forget the kind) applied to the frame, then ~1mil Mylar (plastic) pulled down onto the cement all around and held taut via 1” wide Scotch Tape while the cement dried. After 24hrs we ”heat-shrunk” the Mylar further with hot air guns. Many other ways of doing this will work fine. The important thing is to get rid of the any wrinkles and looseness.

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