ES-224, Impedance?

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L.k.2004-02-23 22:23

Hi, I am glad to see a web site devoted to the very rare Crown ESL loudspeaker. I have a pair of ESL-224\'s, but they are the taller modified version with 24 panels per loudspeaker. I am having a little trouble determining the correct OHMS to connect these speakers to my HH Scott Lt 240\'s monoblock tube amplifiers. If you could help I would appreciate that. Also are there any tweaks to perform on these loudspeakers to make them even better than they already are??? L.k


Graham Brumley2004-02-23 22:23

Hi, In reply to L.K\'s question, these speakers were rated at 4 ohms. There are improvements to be made to these units, and if L.K is in Australia I can point him in the right direction. Regards,
Graham Brumley.

William Boyd2004-02-23 22:23

I have a pair of ES212s and also a homebrewed array made from the salvaged remains of an es224.  You can see the pictures of my array on the pictures section for a 224.  The purchase of the ES212 pair leads me to some re-thinking on the whole and I\'m toying with the idea of a new array with 25 units, and trying a bessel formula to minimize lobing by adjusting the level of DC polarizing voltage on some of the panels and reversing the phase of some others as per the Philips patent on such arrays.  Anyone have any ideas?  Also would be very interested in the upgrade Graham Brumley has found helpful.

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