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Jon Pinti2004-02-23 22:23

Cosmostatic omnidirectional amp model 577. I have a pair of these speakers in very good shape but one amp does not work. I would like to repair it or buy one or sell them. I asked this question several years ago and I thought you may have the schematic for the amp. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

Update (March 2002)

Since the posting of the question above I received a set of amps from Lee Sulka in California. This is great. I now am listing in amazement for the first time in 15 year and it was worth the wait. He bought the amps on Ebay thinking he could use them for something else, so the price I got them for was extremely fair. It is nice to know there are people out there willing to help. If it was not for The ESL Circuit you this could not have happened, thank you so much.

You must realize how many time I thought about junking these 156lb. each monsters. Now that I have them working good I still need the 10” passive radiators {4}. On the site it says the company name is Shahinain Acoustics, but I don\'t know how to get a hold of them . Any information would be helpful. I don\'t think I am interested in selling them now but I am always interested in spare parts, so I still would like to be listed on the site. I do have some useful part and information about them now. Thanks again, Jon Pinti


Bear2004-02-23 22:23

Bear ( Bearlabs ) provided the following information (March 2002):

Dick Shahinian is the owner of Shahinian speakers, but you don\'t need to go to him to replace the PRs in the speaker. Almost any commercial passive radiator will work fine, as long as it fits into the same hole (unless you want to do woodworking). PRs are commercially available from several DIY sources in the US as well as the usual Parts Express and Zalytron...

You will need to tune them to the proper frequency. This is the same as tuning a port in a regular vented/ported box, except you add mass to the cone to adjust the frequency lower. So, refer to any website or book on tuning ported woofer boxes and you\'ll have the details of how to do it. Make sure there are no air leaks for best performance...

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