Omnidirectional, parts needed

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Hugh Vartanian2004-02-23 22:23

Hi, do you folks know of any source for Cosmostatic parts or information. I tried emailing Mike Roe but it was returned. I\'m going to try and figure them out. This includes:

replacing the passive radiators, figuring out what part of the circuitry is the \"Impedance matching buffer amplifier\" (sounds like marketing-speak but it appears as if a bunch of the circuitry is a line voltage powered amplifier that somewhere I read can be bypassed in favor of driving the woofers directly),

tracing and repairing the electrostatic power supply and amplifier

and lastly rebuilding the electrostatic elements (very dirty and at least one is arced out).

I\'ll post the results of my debug/repair; maybe they will be of help to someone else. Best Regards, Hugh Vartanian


Mike Roe2013-01-30 22:04


Don't know if you will get this after 9 years later but what ever happened to your Cosmostatics? The cable companies (broadband) change like the weather in FL probably why your emails were returned (AT&T - the WORST). Let me know if you get this.

Mike Roe

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