Amaya ES Mk2, micro holes in membrane

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Graham Simpson2004-02-23 22:23

I own a pair of the above and drive them with a pair of Gamma Aon SET monoblock amps(211 output tubes). It all seems to sound good (to me) and very efficient (never have to turn the volume pots above ”4”). The electrostatic units appear to have ”light” patchs in them when viewed through direct sunlight behind as if the ”paint” has peeled off. Is this evidence of damage to the units? I have no other pair to compare the sound to. If the units need replaced could you suggest a source of replacements. There are no Cadence dealers in the UK; or could I replace the panels themselves. Thanks Graham


M. Dave2004-02-23 22:23

Hello Graham, no this is not a problem, these are micro holes in the coating of the diaphragm which occur due to the extreme thin-ness of this coating. Performance or sensitivity do not change through these. No worry.

Best regards M.Dave, Cadence

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