LE-1, Schematics and other info needed

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Monaldo Monaldi2004-02-23 22:23

I own a pair of Braun LE1. My father got them in 1969 (when I was born), they worked till 1992. In 1989 a transformer burned and I repaired it (brought to recoil). Now they are back in the living room and I\'d like them to work, but the electric circuit with near all transformer are gone, where can I find the diagram? Is there a way for checkin\' the foil state? Has someone optimized the electric circuit?

Does anybody have the dimensions of el1 stands so that I can rebuild them? Thanks - P.S I refurbished the HT section (new transformer, diodes and cond) and they work like new - incredible for 40 years old loudspeakers!

Thank you, Monaldo Monaldi, Rom


Frank Scherff2004-02-23 22:23

Hello Monaldo, I have posted the schematic to The ESL Circuit and you can find it in the Models list section.

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