DM-70, panel down

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Mark Lenz2004-02-23 22:22

I have used the DM 70's for 30(!) years now to my great fulfilment. Sad as it is, one of the electrostatic units has given up. I contacted B&W but they are no longer able to provide spare parts for this unit. Now I am trying to find a new electrostatic unit. Maybe you could give me some advise where to buy spare parts for this unit. Thanks in advance.


Rob Mackinlay2004-02-23 22:22

Hi Mark, Do you know what section of the ESL section has given up. the panel, the EHT supply or the transformer? The transformer is the most difficult to replace but the panel and the EHT supply can be repaired / replaced reasonably easily. You can contact me direct on or post your reply on The ESL Circuit . Best regards, Rob

Robert Hartnett2005-05-25 08:17

I had my DM 70 tops, and transformers, refurbished/repaired at:

Quad Musicwiedergabe GmbH, Dr Frank Hirsch
Quad Musikwiedergabe
Brunnenstrasse 57 56751 Gering Germany
+49 (0) 2654 987 977

It was not cheap, around 1,000 Euros, but worth the money. They are more than a match for my Mirage M-3-SI speakers! Kind regards, Robert

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