ES-240, Foam broken up

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Angelo Fucci2007-05-08 21:03

Dear all, I have a pair of Audiostatic ES240 loudspeakers. After many years the foam on the surface of the panels is broken up and I have been obliged to remove it. Now I\'d like to avoid to use it again reassembling the external cloth without the protection of the foam between the cloth and the panels. Do you think that the voltage on the surface of the panels can be dangerous if someone touch them? Thanks a lot for the information. A. Fucci


Nam Wadlow2007-11-07 00:25

The panels are insulated with thick paint so there is no danger. That is why the speaker does not arc (like old quads). You can touch the panels with no shock. The high voltage on the stator is also VERY low current so would not be any danger even if it was live. The speaker sounds far better (more transparent0 with the grill cloth and foam off. All that material has a way of muffling the sound. I owned the same speakers and I deliberately tore the cloth and foam off. They become transparent like a Martin Logan elctrostatic but with a much more neutral tonal balance (like Quad 63 elctrostatics).

Angelo Fucci2008-02-20 16:43

Thanks Sir. I\'ll follow your suggestion. BTW, which kind of amplifier you have used with these speakers and which you suggest (taking into account I wouldn\'t like to sell my home to get one :)). Angelo Fucci

Angelo Fucci2012-02-01 10:36

Any suggestions about amplifiers? It is a such problem with these loudspeakers ....

Giovanni2012-03-12 10:19

Dear Angelo,
I have already answered to you about the amplifier. My pair are driven by a 200 W/ch Sansui gear.
I agree completely with Nam Wadlow: I did remove the original cloth and all the foam. Keep them far from the rear wall and you will have an incredible soundstage.

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