2 plus 2, Buzz (Round Three)

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N. Tony Fasola2008-12-27 00:15

Andy: First let me thank you again for your previous and prompt responses. I am sorry to report that after four attempts with my heat gun I have not been able to solve my panel buzzing/vibrating. In fact, after today's attempt, the panel (upper left on the left speaker) has become totally unlistenable. It now vibrates very loudly on virtually every musical passage with any bass notes. Another thing that I noticed, was at this time powering up the speaker, the panel began emiting crackling that seems to not have abated after the initial charging. I was very careful and conservative with my heat source and I can't imagine that I damaged the mylar but I also can't imagine what is going on and why it is so much worse now. (It almost sounds like the wires are vibrating off of the mylar) I'm kind of at wits end and sounds as if I might be in the market for a replacement panel. Do you have any more advice to what I am experinceing and possible solutions before I begin my panel hunt? Also, if indeed the panel is bad and I remove the one panel, would it be safe, or prudent, to drive the speaker with one panel missing? Will it effect the interface? Thanks, as always, for your support. Kindest regards, Tony


Andy Szabo2009-01-01 16:31

Sorry to hear that your problem continues to get worse. You might have one of the very few Acoustat panels that has permanently failed - maybe. Once you remove the panel, you might be able to see the problem. Don\'t give up on that panel until you know what the problem is! You might have a foreign object caught in the gap. Be sure to remove the felt blocks on the rear to inspect the area underneath. A loose wire is pretty bad, but maybe could be fixed (at that point you would have nothing to lose by trying). If you have a tear in the mylar, the panel is trash.

It is ok to operate the speaker with a panel missing. You can compensate somewhat for the loss of bass response by temporarily moving the tap on the low frequency transformer from yellow to orange. The interface will think it is driving a Model Three, albeit with an odd shape. Your system balance control may also be used to re-balance the speakers.

Good Luck, and keep writing if need be: I\'ll hang in there with you until we get the problem solved.

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