2 plus 2, Buzz (Revisited)

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N. Tony Fasola2008-12-12 22:07

Well the gentle pounding on the grill didn\'t seem to turn the trick. Because I knew the \"buzz\' issue was at the top left,I shimmied the grill cloth from the top down (Acoustat employess must have been paid per staple!!) Imagine my surprise to fine everything in order. No loose screws, and nothing apparent to be damaged or such. I charged the speakers back up sans grill and the buzz is quite a bit worse. (go figure) I guess it\'s time for the hair dryer. Excuse my ignorance but should I work from the front or the back of the speaker to shrink the mylar or does it even matter? I\'ll let you know what transpires.


Andy Szabo2008-12-13 03:57

It doesn\'t really matter which side of the speaker you apply the heat to, although you will have better access on the front. The rear surface is partially blocked by the felt. Just remember to keep the source of heat moving at all times, so as to avoid overheating a small area.

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