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Gordon Nesbitt2008-07-15 16:51

Please provide contact info for Roy Esposito at Sounds Like New. Can\'t seem to find it elsewhere.


Andy Szabo2008-07-18 23:18

I\'ve had reports that Roy can be difficult to get a hold of. The only contact info I have is his email address, which is soundslikenew@prodigy.net

Roy A. Esposito2011-07-17 20:00

July 17, 2011

I am very much alive.

I am No-Where near retiring .... and over many years have
come up with astounding improvements, variations and restorations
for the Acoustat MK and Spectra Interfaces
and even more so the Trans-Nova amplifiers (TNT-200 and TNT-120)
and Trans-Nova Preamplifier (TNP).
I also renew the earlier and more rare, Acoustat MRP and RP-2 preamps.

To my chagrin ----
Folks don't realize I was many years younger than the
other principals at Acoustat, back in 70's and 80's Fort Lauderdale.
About half their age at that time.

I am happy to continue lovingly working with Acoustat products.
I do this with a fully functional laboratory and stockroom
of original .........and improvement parts.

But please realize that... in 2011....
this is part-time work.... in addition
to my regular full-time engineering/consulting work.

So it can take a few weeks in total, for me to work my
Acoustat "magic"...... as my client's have often
described the results.

I hope the above will help explain why I don't
provide a phone number, except to established clients,
and I prefer email contact instead. I also prefer my work
and "word-of-mouth" to speak for itself
....instead of having and spending time maintaining a website.

There are others that offer work on Acoustat products.
Fancy words .... Fancy websites.
But NONE of them worked for the Company.
And to correct the mess.....
Folks usually end up with me despite the glowing website tetimonials.
That's just sad.

I very much appreciate all of you, who continue to revere...
and enjoy...
the magnificent design works of Dr. Strickland,
and our original Acoustat Engineering Team.

May we all enjoy the Music,

Roy A. Esposito / soundslikenew@prodigy.net

Rick Pettey2011-11-15 21:19

Please allow me to recommend Roy anyone and everyone. I worked with Roy at Acoustat back in the early 80s. Though I am no longer in the audio industry (I left Acoustat to attend college and then the seminary to become a Lutheran pastor), audio equipment/music is still a major passion. Roy has performed the most amazing modifications on my 3300 (replacing the electronic biasing circuit with transformers, like the stats of old) as well as servicing my TNT-200 and TNP. HE IS WELL WORTH THE WAIT as he is honest and performs the services that he promises.

Richard2012-01-25 01:52

Roy is THE MAN. He has performed incredible amplifier and acoustat speaker mods for me over the years that I doubt anyone else could have done. Certainly don't trust your Acoustats to anyone else.

Roy A. Esposito2013-09-06 12:18

Hello Friends --

This is just to let you know that my email contact
has recently changed. It seems AT&T/Yahoo could no
longer support my very old prodigy.net email address.
For those of you requiring fantastic restorations
and upgrading of Acoustat MK and Spectra Interfaces
and Acoustat Power Amplifiers and Preamplifiers
my new email address is


(please notice the dots/periods between the words)

Email is the preferred method for initial contact with me
for Acoustat Service and questions.

Thank you for your continued friendship, kind comments and reviews,
and support of my work.

All the Best,
Roy A. Esposito

Roy A. Esposito2014-04-08 12:47

Thank You my friends.... for your kind words and praise
of my work. I remain available for Restorations / Upgrades /Improvements
of the Acoustat MK Series Interfaces with the optional "Air Mod"
that I developed in 2008. Vast improvements of the Spectra Series Interfaces,
the Trans-Nova Series of Power Amplifiers for which I offer the incredible
switchable Monoblock and Balanced Input circuit Conversions
and restoration of the three models of Acoustat Preamplifiers.
I welcome your inquiries at
(please notice the dots between the words)

Richard Lucas2017-01-21 03:58

Dear Sir,

I recently bought and paid premium for a Acoustic Trans-Nova 200 and hear static in the right channel and even less power than a much less cost NAD 2600. The bay seller has me for 750.00$ ! Advertised 9.5 almost perfect condition and says it sat on a shelf for some 25 years. I hear this is not good either. I cannot afford to lose this much money it appears no one can fix or properly diagnose. You see e-bay REQUIRES me to have a professional produce paper it's defective! OMG I bought it only because I was given a pair of 2 + 2"s in really nice condition and they play beautiful with the Nad 2600 but always will go into protection mode if turned up much at all. ?? Can you help. The so called Geek squad won't touch it and says parts are non existent. ? Can you please call me and advice me. I've verified with the 2 + 2' Acoustics and my still very dependable old style DCMs speakers. My Nad 2600 plays powerful and clear with the DCM's but far less power is there on the 2 + 2's. Clear but no way much volume. They sound fuzzy and yes I have correct 350$ 4 strand wire ... using a Audio Research preamp. The Amp has Issues and all I need is someone like you to verify to eBay in writing I suppose is what they are looking for ... Much spooked hear I'm POOR! Will you can you help?

Richard 772-335-5555 772-221-8114

Richard Lucas2017-01-21 04:02

Mr. Esposito,

I'm feed up at this point and would like to dump these speakers as well! Great shape I might add!
I see your last writings here were 2014, ieee I hope all is well up and running.
I have 15 days left to resolve with eBay and get a full refund. PLEASE help.
May God Bless.



Acoustatanswerman2017-01-21 13:02

I doubt that Mr. Esposito monitors this forum, but I do, so I will tell you that he can now be reached directly via email at Acoustat.service.usa@gmail.com.

Sorry to hear of your difficulties with the amplifier. I feel confident that Roy can fix it. And don't give up on the speakers: even if the amp is a goner, there are many amps out there that will make them sing!

Paolo Malisan2017-03-16 21:28

Hi, I have just picked up as a present, one pair of Acoustat x with big troubles: 1) they stay mute in a room for ten years, 2) I have only 1 servo cherge tube amp. I'm reading a lot in the web pages about Acoustat X and I've found this magic page. I think that for the future i will pay attention to every item about the second amplifier i need, or for two MK 121 interface, but now I should like test one by one the two speakers with the same amp. Here in Italy I have tryed to find someone who can help me with this amp without result. What is better I do before switch on the amp?? If I need for some pieces to change, or for up-grade, where can I order ?? Many thanks, Paolo Malisan.

Roy A. Esposito2017-03-17 15:01

Hello Paolo --

Best advice I can give is to set up to receive email notifications
of auction listings and buy it now listings on ebay. The USA site.
Sometimes the Acoustat Servo-Charge X amplifiers are listed there.
However....pairs of the MK121 interfaces are also listed there
quite often, and the interfaces are a far more reliable choice
and allow you to choose any power amplifier you like. Especially
great choices are the Acoustat TransNova 120 or TransNova 200 amplifiers.
Trying to get the Acoustat X tube amplifiers serviced in Italy
could be difficult, especially for lack of available parts or tubes.

All the Best,

Michel Dumais2017-04-22 23:59

Sorry to jump in the conversation but...
I heard a lot of good things about monsieur Esposito, but here, in Québec, on the other side od the frontier, we have our own specialist named Jocelyn Jeanson. I spoke to the man once, but since Mr.Acoustat passed away, I've lost phone number and email of monsieur Jeanson.
Did someone have it nearby?
Best regards

Roy A. Esposito2017-04-25 15:16

Dear Clients, Friends and devotees of Acoustat --
Please make sure to change the Audio Fuse in the outside post of
your Acoustat Spectra or MK Series interfaces to a 3 ampere
slow-blow type. The original factory spec 5 amp fuse is not adequate protection
against costly audio transformer damage using modern fast and powerful
amplifier designs. This is especially urgent if you use a tube preamp
paired with a solid-state amplifier.
Mouser.com part number 313003 is a good source. Or perhaps Home Depot or Lowes.
Note : The two internal 1/4 ampere AC line fuses on Acoustat models that have them
never require replacement. As always, I am available for service/upgrades/improvements
of your Acoustat Interfaces and Acoustat power amplifiers and preamplifiers.
Enjoy the Music ! ----Roy

Craig R Heerlein2019-04-15 01:10

I have mk2123 interfaces on 2+2

Craig R Heerlein2019-04-15 01:10

I have mk2123 interfaces on 2+2

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