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Gary Smith2008-03-07 05:42

Andy I have just bought a pair of Spectra 3\'s but notice the woofer in the base has a small hole in the surround. Is there any information as to what name or characteristics of the speaker that I need to be aware of to replace this speaker. Do getting the surrounds redone work..if not is there a certain replacement speaker that would maintain the intial sound characteristics?


Andy Szabo2008-03-07 17:38

The woofers in the Spectra 2 and 3 were custom made by Carbonneau in Michigan. Oddly enough, the relationship between Acoustat and Carbonneau started years before Rockford Corp. acquired either Acoustat or Carbonneau (which is now known by another name, but still a part of Rockford). That said, it will be virtually impossible to get an exact match for the original woofer. But that is not all bad news. Although the woofer is a good one, there are better ones available. I suggest you check out www.partsexpress.com. They have the widest variaty I\'ve seen, at many price points. Spend as much as your willing to, and you will likely end up with a better woofer. I do suggest you stay away from woofers intended for musical instrument and autosound applications. Of course, you\'ll want to replace both woofers so that they match. Replacing the surround is possible, and that may yield the closest match to the original. But that process is quite expensive, and you might not pay that much more for new woofers. If the hole in the surround is small enough, and was caused by a puncture, you might be able to patch it with a small dab of silicone glue. If, however, the hole is due to a general failure of the rubber (i.e. it is dried out and rotten)then your only recourse is the replace the surround or the entire woofer. If you do find a good replacement woofer, please post the information under \"Available Parts\" so that other may share your good news.

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