Spectra 3300, How to remove cloth?

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Rick Pettey2007-12-17 17:14

How do I remove the cloth from these speakers? With my old 2 + 2 it was quite simple. By removing the top plate I could remove the staples holding the cloth. With the framing of the 3300 I do not see an easy way to do it. As I lost my owner\'s manual I cannot refer to it for assistance. I need to remove the cloth to determine if a rattling from the left panel in the left speaker is due to a panel malfunction or has somehow become loose and needs to be tightened. I noticed the problem when extreme low frequency exposed the problem. It is not due to pieces of glue trapped in the field. I have discharged the speakers and pounded in the appropriate area to dislodge any such particles. No difference. If it is a panel, how would I go about purchasing one?


Andy Szabo2007-12-18 03:17

Read my piece entitled \"Rehabilitation of a Spectra 4400\" in the 4400 section: I went through all of this myself. Removal of the brass and wood trim strips is a pain, but it can be done. I\'m still searching for a replacement for my brass strips. I\'ve looked at in-laid wood or metal strips in woodworking catalogs, but haven\'t found the correct width yet. It is unlikely you\'ll need to replace the panel. If the Mylar diaphragm has lost its tension, the old hair-drier trick usually works. Replacement panels are only available on the used market now: be sure you get one from a Spectra (not too common, since most Spectras are still surviving intact). Be sure to vacuum the panels (front and back) to make sure you get any debris in there. Be expecting to need new grille coth: it\'s virtually impossible re-install it, especially on the Spectra XX00 series.

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