Spectra 1100, Two Left panels

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Steve2007-11-20 23:18

I have a pair of Spectra 1100\'s and both have left-side top panels. Does anyone know a way I can convert one to work like a right-side panel? Thanks. Steve @ www.crucialaudio.com


Andy Szabo2007-11-21 17:26

Before attempting to modify the panels, make sure that you really have two left panels, as opposed to panels that are merely marked as \'left\'. If the grille socks were replaced at some time, the identifying marks may have been mixed up, or they may have been originally marked wrong at the factory. To determine by listening, a \'right\' panel should have the highs coming from the right side, and a \'left\' panel should have highs coming from the left side. If you determine that you indeed have two \'left\' panels, it is possible to re-wire and re-color-code one panel into a \'right\' speaker. How to do this is much easier to explain with a few sketches, rather than trying to explain it in writing. So, if you need to modify one panel, please write again and I can send you the necessary info to your private email address.

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