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Tim Johns2007-11-20 14:30

I found a pair of spectra 1100\'s at a garage sale for $50 what a bargain!Been looking online for a year. Anyway,tanks to Soundvalves in Columbus, I got them up and running but sound only seems to be coming from one side of each speaker.Woofers work fine.I\'m not familiar with Acoustats sound so I wondered if tis was normal.


Andy Szabo2007-11-21 17:12

Congratulations on finding such a bargain! Acoustat speakers maintain their performance for many years, so finding a pair for only fifty bucks is great: they are worth many times that! Your observation of \"sound coming from only one side of the panel\" is a common misconception with Acoustat\'s Spectra Series. What you are hearing is the half of the panel that is producing highs and mids, with the other half producing mids only. Because you hear the highs coming from only half the speaker, it \'fools the ear\' into thinking that is the only area producing sound. If your speakers sound well balanced, frequency-wise, then you can rest assured that all of the panel area is operating as intended. The panels are arranged in a left-right mirror-image pair, so it is important that you have them on the correct side to preserve good stereo imaging. For the hybrid Spectra 11 and 1100, the highs should be coming from the outer edge of each speaker, when correctly arranged. That is, from the left side of the left speaker, and from the right side of the right speaker. (Note for the larger full range Spectra models, the opposite is true.)

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