Spectra 1100, Problem on ESL Panel

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Teerawut2007-10-08 10:02

My right panel has some trouble - its sound is not as lound and clear as left panel. First, I think that it is from circuit inside. I changed circuit from left to right, but the problem is still occured. Then, I change left panel with right panel, it is still occured. Do anyone have any recommendation how to solve this problem? Is it possible that some wires inside panel broken or loosen? Is it possible to open the panel?


Andy Szabo2007-10-26 23:24

If I understand correctly, you exchanged interfaces from one speaker to the other, and the problem is still in the right speaker. The problem is not in the interface. Then you exchanged panels from one speaker to the other, and the problem is still in the right speaker. The problem is not in the panel. (Don\'t forget to change the panels back to their original positions to keep the left/right mirror-image pair correct.) That leaves the woofer box and the wall transformer. Since the crossover is in the woofer box (mounted on the back of the input cup), your problem could be there. You may also have a bad wall transformer. Check its voltage output to make sure it is the same on both wall transformers. If I have misunderstood your situation, or you need more help, please post another question.

Teerawut2007-11-05 08:01

Hi Andy, Sorry about my writting, I\'ve already modified the input for ESL. Input is direct for ESL only, and I used bi-wiring. So, I did not think that the prblem was from low-pass network in woofer box. Also, I switched the wall transformer from L to R as your recommend, but the problem was still on the R. Is it possible to check the ESL pannel by using any equipment? I think that my pannle is lossing some sound in midrange. Could you give me some recommendation. Teerawut

Andy Szabo2007-11-21 17:52

It is not possible to check the panel with any equipment, other than using some sort of microphone-driven test signal and/or a spectrum analyzer. At best, that would only serve to confirm what you already hear. It is possible to remove the grille cloth to inspect the panel and internal wiring, although it\'s a messy job and should only be done as a last resort. There isn\'t much that can go wrong in there: the panel itself is extremely reliable (and cannot be repaired anyway), and the wires exiting the speaker are part of the panel itself (there are no internal connections to come loose). You might want to check where the wires are soldered to the metal pins that connect to the interface. Since these connections are covered in colored heatshrink tubing, it is possible that you have a bad connection hidden underneath the heatshrink tubing. Since you have already gone through the usual swapping of interfaces, panels, and wall transformers, I am at a loss to explain where the problem might be. Are you certain that swapping panels did not cause the problem to move with the panel? Your room acoustics may be a factor. If you have very different reflective qualities on the walls behind and near each speaker, that could have a significant effect on the perceived frequency balance between speakers. If, for example, you have curtains behind one speaker, and a bare wall behind the other, that could cause the problem you describe. Remember that Acoustats radiate from both front and rear, so room surfaces can have more effect than with conventional front-firing-only speakers. Good luck, and keep writing until we get this problem fixed! I can usually diagnose problems better than I have done for you, but I feel confident we\'ll get the speakers running to your satisfaction.

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