, Diaphragm Spacer Thickness

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Jim Lanier2007-10-07 16:33

Does anyone know the thickness of the diaphragm spacers in the Acoustat panel? Did they change the thickness in later models? (BTW, I am not asking for diaphragm to wire spacing, but the actual thickness of the shim) Jim


Andy Szabo2007-10-07 22:40

If memory serves correctly (and it might be a little dusty) the shim stock used used as spacers in the Acoustat panel is .150\" thick. If you have a panel at hand, it is easy enough to see from the edge of the panel. I am not aware that Acoustat changed the shim stock anytime during the manufacture of their panels. The only panel changes were 1) going from a three-wire to a five-wire connection to the interface; 2) increasing the resistance of the conductive coating (identified by a yellow w/red stripe bias wire); and finally, 3) Spectra panels, which were built using the same materials, the only difference being the split stator grids.

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