Spectra 2200, How to identify model

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Igor Zenkov2007-10-04 01:45

Hello I located locally Acoustat speakers. Owner is saying there is \'MK213\' stamp on the back of the speaker. I suspect it is related to the transformer model. Is there any way to identify the correct speaker model by the transformer model #? Thank you. Igor


Igor Zenkov2007-10-04 03:36

Clarification: The interface is MK2132, still curious if it is Spectra 2200?

Andy Szabo2007-10-07 23:24

The MK-2123 interface was common to Acoustat Models Spectra 22/2200, and 33/3300. An internal wiring difference changed the bass equalization for either the two-panel 22/2200, or the three-panel 33/3300. There should be a rubber-stamped number on the interface label indicating whether the interface is set-up for a 22/2200 or 33/3300. If for some reason that stamp is not visible, the speaker can be identified by its width: the cloth-covered portion of the 22/2200 frame will measure 21.5\" wide, and the 33/3300 will measure 31.75\" wide. The only difference between the 22/33 and the later 2200/3300 is the cosmetic wood and brass strips along the sides of the panel. The panels and interface electronics are identical.

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