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N. Tony Fasola2007-10-03 15:18

I realize that this is a very broad question but I would truly appreciate input from the listers. I am an original Acoustat owner from the early 80\'s (Model 3) who has been without for almost 20 years. I am currently getting back into \"audio\" and building a dedicated room for such. (15 X 17) My question is: which model, Spectra 22/2200 or the 2 + 2\'s should I choose? Sonics are tantamount but reliabilty and others are also important. I just wanted to hear from owners and those experienced with both models. Thanks in advance, N. Tony Fasola


Andy Szabo2007-10-07 23:00

Thanks for your interest in returning to the Acoustat culture! Despite their age, Acoustat speakers remain a viable solution for audiophiles seeking excellence at a reasonable price. In terms of reliability, I wouldn\'t have a strong preference for either model, as all models have enjoyed an excellent reputation for reliability and long life. Clearly, any 2+2 will be older than any Spectra 22/2200, since the models did not overlap in production. In terms of stereo imaging, I would definitely prefer the Spectra series, with their controlled dispersion pattern. In terms of bass response and dynamic capacity, the 2+2 would be preferred. It simply has twice the panel area. Also consider that the 2+2 was manufactured for a very long time, and had several minor and major improvements during its life. Most important is the Medallion Transformers, which significantly improved the clarity of the sound. Many older models were upgraded with the newer transformers, so the age of the speaker is no indication as to whether it has the Medallions. All units with Medallion transformers have a label on the back of the interface. Ultimately, if you are trying to choose between the 2+2 and the 22/2200, my suggestion would be to seek out a pair of 44/4400\'s. This model would give you all of the advantages cited above in one speaker (i.e. no compromises). Granted, the 44/4400 wasn\'t made in great numbers, so finding one might not be easy. But if you have a large (and tall) enough room for the double-height Acoustats, the 44/4400 would be way to go.

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