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Spectra 1100, Power to use

Read more on the Acoustat Spectra 1100 in our home audio section

Marc2007-09-16 00:32

I just buy a pair of these (Spectra 1100) and I want to know how much power is best to drive them. Better valves or solid state ? Is it enough to use only one amp. I have 2 Rotel RB980BX (120 X2) and 2 Hafler DH200 (100-120 X2). Pre-amp: Hafler Model 100. Wich combination is best ? The Rotels can be bridged mono at 360 Watts, but I use them on Acoustat MK121-2a and fuses blow often. Thanks. Marc


Andy Szabo2007-09-26 15:53

I\'m not familiar with the Rotel amplifiers, but I am very familiar the the Hafler DH-200, and it would be an excellent choice, either as a single amp, or in a biamp configuration (since you have two). The Spectra 1100 can handle more power than that, but 100 wpc is sufficient unless you like it very loud in a large room. When I was using 1100\'s, I drove them with a Hafler 9500 (250wpc) with very good results. Some care is required, though, not to over-do it. See my piece \"Ted Nugent vs Spectra 1100\". I\'ll leave the debate of tubes vs solid state for someone else. Since you already have four solid state amps, try those first! And certainly, any tube amp capable of driving ESL\'s to a reasonable level won\'t be cheap! I\'m not fond of bridged amps, especially when driving difficult loads like an ESL. The reason is that each half of the bridged amp \'sees\' only half the load impedance. Therefore, a 4-ohm speaker suddenly becomes a 2-ohm speaker to each half of the bridged amp. This is probably why you had fuse-blowing problems when you bridged your Rotels.

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