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Spectra 66, Thanks, Andy

Read more on the Acoustat Spectra 66 in our home audio section

Robin Mcconnell2007-09-12 18:31

Andy, thank you so much for the info on how to bi-amp the 66\'s. I have completed this successfully and the results are well worth the effort. For future reference there is a circuit of 2 caps and a large 1ohm resistor in line in the positive input circuit. It was necessary to duplicate this for each stator input. I used silver cable throughout and Eichmann binding posts. I also bypassed the fuse completely. Thanks again, Robin


Andy Szabo2007-09-26 15:07

Thanks for the update, Robin. You are correct, of course, about the resistor and capacitor needing to be duplicated for bi-amplifying. I hadn\'t thought of that when I wrote my original response.

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