1 plus 1, Dull sound

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Kevin Brooks2006-07-15 12:17

I purchased a used pair of 1+1\'s that sound dull and lack any image whatsoever... Not at all how I remember them from years ago. They are located in a somewhat undersized room. Even my old Mag MG-1\'s sound far better. Could this be caused by inadequate charge time on the panels?


Andy Szabo2006-07-15 12:19

Whereas an Acoustat that is not fully charged may not sound its best, I would hardly describe the sound as ‘dull and lacking any image’. They should sound pretty good as soon as you plug them in. I suspect you may have something else wrong. Do check the high frequency balance control inside the interface chassis – the previous owner may have turned it down for some reason. Also make sure that the blue and white wire groups from the panels are connected to the proper blue and white terminals inside the interface. If they are reversed on one speaker, the speakers will play out-of-phase with respect to each other. You may have another component problem inside the interfaces, but it’s unlikely that both speakers would fail in the same way at the same time (but not impossible). You mentioned an ‘undersized room’. The 1+1’s can be used in a fairly small room, maybe even a small bedroom, although they do perform their best in medium sized rooms. Do you have sound absorbing materials on the walls? Excessive use of such materials can significantly dampen the rear radiation from the speaker. In most rooms, the speakers should be at least 2-3 feet from the rear and side walls, and towed-in towards the listening position. That’s about all I can offer for now without further information.

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