Spectra 11, wall transformer

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Toby2006-06-18 12:53

Hi, My spectra 11\'s sound no different wether the transformer is plugged in or not! I have measured both transformers and they are measuring 12.5vac..I just got these, and they sound fine to me...I am wandering what they might sound like if the transformer is doin its job!!


Andy Szabo2006-07-12 10:03

If the panel portion of your Spectra 11 is playing at all, then your wall transformers are working properly. The reason the speakers continue to play after you disconnect the transformers is that the speakers retain a considerable charge, and therefore will continue to play for at least several minutes after removal of power. If you leave them unplugged long enough, the sound from the panels will gradually fade to nothing (but the woofer will continue to play regardless). Due to the minimal power requirements of the wall transformers, Acoustat has always recommended that the speakers remain plugged in at all times. Even though the speakers will begin to play almost immediately after being plugged in, there are improvements in performance after they have been powered for at least a few hours. Some folks claim to hear improvements in the sound quality even several days after initial power-up.

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