3, return of the rattle

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Anthony Palmer2006-04-26 10:42

Hello again. I finally got around to trying to solve the rattling panel problem as per your instructions - thank you. The problem had \"solved\" itself for awhile because I started using an older pre/pro with a fixed 80hz crossover; the rattle pretty much disappeared at the expense of not being able to run the panels at full range. However, I\'ve recently upgraded to another pre/pro with a variable crossover, and I\'ve been crossing over to the sub at 40hz. The sound is more natural, but the rattle returned. Now I could even cause the panel to rattle just by shaking it. Before I tried your recommendations, I noticed that hitting the top of the panel caused the rattle to go away for awhile. Very strange. I tested this method for weeks and it never failed. But in an attempt to remedy the problem for good I followed your instructions. After using the blow dryer I shook the panel and it seemed to be quiet. I then plugged the panel back in and the rattle came back, So I repeated the process and now the panel seems even looser than before I started. Everything seems better until I plug the speaker in, then the mylar seems to loosen up again. Should I continue the shrinking process? Also, should I place a nail in the top edge of the frame since pounding the top seemed to quiet the panel? Thanks again for your advice on this matter.


Anthony Palmer2006-05-09 23:52

Well, the repair had mixed results. After trying several more times with a blowdryer with no results, I rented a heat gun. Being very careful I heated the entire panel. Everything seemed tight until, again, I plugged the speaker back in. then the rattle returned even worse than before I started the repair. I let it sit overnight, then before I returned the heat gun I gave the panel a good heating. In my frustration though I overdid it, as I noticed the grid start to melt. I was sure I had wrecked the panel. I left it for a day, too discouraged to even listen to the result. Well, needing to hear music I plugged the speaker in, and much to my pleasant surprise the panel sounds *better* than before I started the repair. The rattle is now only every so often and only with very loud bass of a specific frequency. I can live with this. But having checked the panel closer I can tell that the mylar is torn in places, though it seems to still be active. Major bullet dodged - so far. So, I\'m in the market for a replacement panel ASAP. I don\'t know how long the panel will last as it is, so I\'d like to replace it before too long. I know they\'re scarce, so wish me luck. Thanks for reading.

Andy Szabo2006-07-15 12:24

I’m sorry to hear that you ruined a panel. Unfortunately, there is a fine line between the right amount of heat and too much. Replacement panels appear occasionally on eBay – probably your best source for finding one. Do remember that the center panel of a Model 3 is an 8” panel, whereas the two outer panels are the more common 9” panel. You’ll probably need new grille socks after getting into the speaker for repairs – information on getting new ‘factory original’ cloth is available on this site. Good luck, and do write again if you have further problems.

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