Spectra 1100, Comparing with Phase linear Phase III

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Marcus2005-10-06 04:19

i am in the market for some new speakers. i have a pair of phase linear 700b amplifiers, and i have found a pair of spectra 1100 speakers, and also an old set of phase linear phase III speakers. i was just wondering what a good price for these would be, and what you think would be better? any help would be appreciated.


Andy Szabo2006-07-15 12:32

You are asking an Acoustat guy which is better, Acoustat or Phase Linear speakers? Do I really need to answer that question? I’ll admit I am not familiar with the Phase Linear speakers, but based upon their relative reputations in the market, I would certainly favor the Acoustats. Phase Linear made their reputation on amplifiers, not speakers. I didn’t even know they made speakers at all. Furthermore, it is quite possible the Phase Linear speakers have degraded over time. This is especially true if the drivers used foam surrounds, which have almost certainly rotted by now. Whereas no speaker is completely impervious to the ravages of time, Acoustats are extremely long-lived, with little or no performance degradation even thirty years after manufacture. This is assuming, of course, that they have well cared for, or at least stored in a clean, dry place. The best advice I can offer, when considering used audio equipment, and especially speakers, is to listen before you buy! The Spectra 1100 should be worth around $500, perhaps more if in pristine condition. But this is only a rough guide – much depends on finding the right buyer in the right location (due to the difficulty in shipping). If you spend $500 on a pair in good working order, you’ll value them much more once you get to know them.

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