3-M, Woofer repair

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Marc Thompson2005-09-27 06:18

Do you know of anyone that has a replacement woofer driver for the 3-m? The cone is intact the rubber suspension hs dry rotted...Please help


Andy Szabo2006-07-15 12:21

I don’t have a specific recommendation for a replacement woofer, but I would go to Parts Express to find a suitable part. They have a broader selection of drivers that I have seen elsewhere. They are at www.partsexpress.com. Generally speaking, I would go for the most expensive woofer that could care to pay for – and you’ll probably end up with a better woofer than the original. Do replace both woofers, as you certainly won’t be able to get an exact match to the original. Avoid woofers intended for musical instrument or auto sound applications. I don’t remember if the original woofer is 4 or 8 ohms. This is important so that the crossover will work properly with the new woofer. Disconnect the woofer from the crossover, and measure the DC resistance of the voice coil with an ohmmeter set on the R x 1 scale. A 4-ohm woofer will measure around 2.5 to 3 ohms, and an 8-ohm woofer will measure around 6 to 7 ohms. If you find a suitable replacement, please do post the information on this site. You’re not the only one with this problem.

Alan Fels2007-12-19 20:12

Miller Sound can rebuild your woofers. Contact Info millerspkr@aol.com 1.215.412.7700 http://www.millersound.net/indexfl.htm

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