Monitor 3, Acoustat's that hum

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Gerald Mosley2005-09-08 19:22

HELLO First of all this is a great! site. I have a pair of Acoustat\'s monitor 3 that are huming and I don\'t know if that is a sign of them going out or what.sos can anyone help


Michael Savuto2006-06-29 15:18

Hi George, There are two kinds of \"hum\" that Acoustat Servoamplifiers can make. The first is a mechanical hum from the high voltage transformers, the large transformer on top of the chassis. It is not heard through the speaker itself, but only in the vicinity of the amplifier. This is not uncommon and doesn\'t mean there are any problems. The second is a hum you you hear through the speakers along with any audio signal. This indicates that there is a problem with the amplifier. Usually, though, this second type of hum also causes another problem which you have not described, that the amplifier refuses to go into the standby mode from the full power mode. Hopefully this answers your question, but if not you may contact me at Mike

Yann Zeeuwe2007-12-09 21:29

Dear Mike, This is a test of our new mailing system. Whenever someone posts a question in model X. monitor 3 or monitor 4, you will receive an email. Friendly greetings, Yann Zeeuwe

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