Spectra 2, Cleaning grille cloth

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John Markley2005-07-18 20:21

John Markley (July 17, 2005): Any good ideas for the grill cloth?


John Markley2005-07-18 20:23

Here is an answer to your question. it can be found in the Refurbishing section of the Acoustat pages Ren and Shirley Jenson ( November 2001): We manufacture the Acoustat Replacement Grill Socks. We formerly made them for Rockford Fosgate Corp. and were featured on their site. We are still making them for the previous Rockford customers. The Upholstery Company Inc. (Ren and Shirley Jenson) renjenson@cox.net 418 N. Hunt St. Mesa, Arizona 85203, USA +1 (888)994-8273 +1 (480) 898-9546

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