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Hector G. Pesquera2004-04-26 07:32

First of all, a big \"thank you\" to all of you for maintaining this forum and the wealth of information on Acoustat. They are incredible speakers. There is a gentleman that is selling a Model 1, MK-141-B Medallion interfaced set, but I have some reservations and questions to the group here: 1. The interaces had been rewired extensively by the previous owner for some reason, the wires leading to the panels (up to the very edge of the front and back were spliced, some with masking tape). The gentleman said that he would repair this, and when I asked him if he had the 10,000-volt-rated wire, he said he did, but that this was a misnomer b/c it was really 5,000 volts going each way, so the \"potential\" was 10Kv. He insists that his wiring is adequate and that he will cover the splices with heat-shrink tubes. Is heat-shrink tubing rated in the same manner, how would one know? 2. There appear to be two sets of fuses on the medallion interface, two on the inside of the metal backplane, which has two fuses exposed on their bracket, and one that faces outside the interface in a single cylindrical enclosure. The latter one has been disconnected/bypassed. My understanding from Andy\'s previous postings was that this is *not* a good practice, as it exposes the transformer unecessarily and replacement transformers are *very* hard to come by--I\'m going to guess harder even for the MK-141-B? There is also a clear insulator on a naked wire that comes out of the larger transformer (which looks like it has two cores? They are three overlapping shapes which I can show depict as \"[[][]]\" where brackets 1+3 and 4+6 represent the two windings overlapping in the chassis formed by brackets 2+5) and goes to the back of the unit which has deteriorated and parts of that wire are exposed. This looks like bad news, and not only does the wire look delicate, but it doesn\'t look like it can be unattached from either end to slip on another insulator of the same type (high-voltage?). In addition, the gentleman has said that a capacitor was missing, which he put in, which appears to bridge the two input terminals on the inside, if memory serves. Comments? 3. The wires that are supposed to go to the \"full bandwidth\" output for the sub module on both interfaces are not there. Would it be detrimental to run a powered subwoofer with these speakers by running things backwards (i.e., using line-level stereo output from the amplifier to the subwoofer, having it go through its crossover and *then* to the Acoustat left and right speaker)? I did not see this mentioned on other postings as a possibility... 4. Price: the asking price is $500.00, and the two references that I have checked on the internet list $275.00 and $450.00 as selling price (not wholesale); the way the item is listed appears to include the subwoofer, which the one for sale is missing, otherwise *sounds* fine and both speakers are in excellent cosmetic condition, both panels and socks are immaculate. Although this gentlemen is very adept with electronics, I would like to get a second opinion from the group on these issues. Thank you kindly for any input that you may contribute.


Andy Szabo2004-05-11 21:13

The easiest answer to all of your questions is that $500 is too much for only a remnant of the original speaker. Unless you have the technical expertise, or want to pay someone who does, I would say virtually any price would be too much for the speaker you describe. The panels themselves are probably fine, except that it sounds like the panel wires have been tampered with. There are enough used Acoustat panels available that you shouldn’t have to deal with that. Suitable high-voltage wire is available, and ordinary heat shrink tubing is ok if the splices are physically staggered. (Which might be difficult if the original wires were cut too close to the panel.) The interface has been modified, and without seeing it and testing it, I can offer no comment on whether it works, and if not, if it can be reasonably repaired. At the very least, I would recommend that the audio fuse be reinstated. Factory-original replacement audio transformers have recently appeared on the market. Yes, you could use a powered subwoofer with the Model One’s. In fact, it’s a good idea. Most of the foam surrounds on the original woofers have rotted, and so far I haven’t seen a good source for a replacement. Also, the woofer was the weakest performer of the 3-piece set, so you are likely to gain a better system. I’ve been watching Acoustat sales on e-Bay, and $500 is probably as high as you’d want to go for a pair of Model One’s that are in factory-original, immaculate condition. That may or may not include a properly functioning woofer, for the above-mentioned reason. Be prepared to mate them with a suitable amplifier – they are the least efficient of the Acoustats, and need lots of power to make them sing.

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