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Dane2004-04-03 12:06

I\'m trying to verify whether or not my interfaces include the Medallion transformers. After sorting through all the various comments concerning the Medallions on this site, I\'m left with some conflicting information.

Here are some of the gory details: I have a pair of 2+2 that I purchased new in early \'85. The interfaces are labeled MK121-B (Serial no. 1028525/6). I installed the \"C\" mod from a factory-supplied field kit mid-1987. The invoice and instructions for the field kit state \"Field kit for MK121B to \"C\" update\". The instructions for the kit clearly indicate that they are specifically for interfaces with Medallion transformers.

So, here\'s the dilemma: My interfaces did not come from the factory with the \"Medallion\" labels (blue, red or otherwise) However, the transformers DO have the black winding wrappers (but not the white stripes on the output wires.) Did the 121B have Medallions? I understood that the 121C was a factory label indicating both Medallion and \"C\" mods.

I\'m inclined to believe I\'ve got Medallions....but. Is there another concrete way to verify the Medallions: part numbers, serial numbers, etc.? Sorry for being long-winded, but any help is greatly appreciated! -Dane


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