Spectra 1100, Driver type

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Larry Delrosso2004-02-23 22:21

Andy, what type of driver should I use to replace in my Acoustat 1100. Thanks, Larry


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

The woofer in the Spectra 1100 was custom made, and I do not have any information concerning a currently available replacement. I do not have any specifications on the woofer. Several Acoustat owners have asked this question, and I am hoping by now that someone has found a suitable replacement. If anyone has information, please share it!

The ESL portion of the speaker is rather inefficient, so a replacement woofer does not need to be a high-efficiency model. What is important is that the woofer has a very low resonant frequency (f3), about 28-30 Hz. It should also have a compliance suitable for a well-controlled behavior in the 1100\'s woofer box volume.

You might try contacting Sounds Like New, listed on this site under ”Refurbishing”. I doubt they have any woofers available, but it\'s worth a try.

Again, if anyone has successfully replaced the woofer in the Spectra 11 or 1100 (they are not the same woofers), please share the information!

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