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Chris Behrens2004-02-23 22:21

Andy, I have an audio transformer on a friend\'s Acoustat Spectra 11 that is arcing. I would like to get it re-wound or replaced, but the AC Transformer website is not up anymore. Is there a phone number for them? If they are not in business anymore, who do I get in touch with at Rockford about getting a replacement transformer? Thanks, Chris Behrens.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

Hello again Chris! An arcing transformer is bad news, and it must be repaired or replaced.

I also had no luck finding anything on AC Transformer Corp., mentioned under ”Available Parts”. I suspect they out of business. Getting the transformer rewound is possible, although finding someone who is both willing and has the correct materials will be difficult. The Nomex insulation in particular is rather unusual. Acoustat\'s transformer vendors always had to special-order that material.

You might try contacting Rockford Corporation at 480-967-3565. It\'s worth a try, but I doubt they still have any replacement parts available. After all, the Acoustat division was sold over ten years ago!

You might also try contacting Sounds Like New (listed under Refurbishment), at 516-736-0041. They claim to have many Acoustat transformers, but you will need to send the interface (not the whole speaker) to them, as they do not sell parts directly.

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