Spectra 11, Panels, arcing panel?

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Pete Stanley2004-02-23 22:21

I have a pair of Acoustat 11\'s which I have owned for some 12 years. I suspect 1 panel is arcing. (down on volume and ”popping noises” at higher volumes. Please can anyone advise me of firms who can service these speakers within the UK?

I have also seen modification involving replacement of the bass unit with a Pyle W820. I can\'t find this model for sale. Can anyone suggest where this driver can be bought or suggest an alternative? Many thanks.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

I will direct your attention to two of my Technical Bulletins posted on this site, under my area of the Q & A section. Please see Popping Panels and Ultrasonic Bias Power Supply.

Your two problems, that of reduced volume, and popping noises, may be inter-related. If some foreign material is caught in the gap between the diaphragm and stator, it could cause the popping noise you describe. That noise is due to a rapid discharge of the bias voltage. That same foreign material may also be causing a small continuous discharge, which would reduce the bias voltage, and cause the speaker to play at reduced volume.

I would suggest you first follow the remedies described in Popping Panels . It may take several attempts to clear the problem, but the procedure is almost always successful. If that cures the popping noise, but you are still experiencing reduced volume, then consult the instructions under Ultrasonic Bias Power Supply. Note that this procedure requires certain test equipment and the knowledge to use it. If you are lacking either, a local repair shop may be able to assist you. The reduced volume may be caused by nothing worse than a mis-adjustment of the bias voltage.

I am not aware of anyone who specifically services Acoustat in Europe. At best, you may be able to find someone who can repair the interfaces (if required). A dealer who services other brands of ESL\'s (e.g. Quad) may be best equipped to help you. The panels themselves are essentially unrepairable. However, the panels are extremely reliable, and most panel problems can be remedied at home as described above.

I was able to find a few references to the Pyle W820 on the web, but none listed for sale. My guess is that this model has been discontinued. I don\'t have any specific information about other possible woofers that are suitable for the Spectra 11. You might want to visit www.partsexpress.com. They have a very broad range of drivers listed, and I\'m sure that at least a few suitable woofers could be found there. If you find a good replacement, please post the information on this site. There are many others who would find this information valuable.

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