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Terry Taylor2004-02-23 22:21

I have an Acoustat transformer will the following description:

- Model No: TTA35TT(A7300-01)
- Input: 120V 60Hz 9W
- Output: 15VAC 150mA.

Sadly, my speakers suffered water damage, and I now need to get an estimate for what it will cost to replace the speakers with ones of ”like kind and quality.” Any thoughts? They are Acoustat Spectra 11 speakers. Thanks, T. Taylor


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

Am I to understand that you are looking for a replacement value for the entire speaker? I ask because the part number you provided is for the wall transformer only, and this same transformer was used for many models. If you need only the wall transformers, see the section entitled ”Available Parts, Wall Transformers”. The Spectra 11 originally sold for just under $1000, but I believe the price climbed to about $1200 per pair before Acoustat (America) stopped production. In today\'s dollars, I\'m sure that you would need to spend at least $1500 - 2000 to come close in performance.

Since leaving Acoustat, I haven\'t kept up with what other manufacturers are currently offering. The only brand name that I know of, who might have a similar ESL, is Martin Logan. Or better yet, try to find another pair of used Acoustats and save some money. Acoustats last a long time if you don\'t get them wet!

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