, Identification needed, model unknown

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Tom Land2004-02-23 22:21

I purchased a pair of Acoustat speakers about two years ago but still do not know the model. The only #\'s are on the interface which are MK-121 2A. The speakers including the base are 36” wide x 58.5” tall. If you guys have the answer or know of anyone who does I would appreciate the help.


Erik Hoheneder2004-02-23 22:21

I\'ve recently had the same dilemma regarding these exact-dimensioned Acoustats. After much searching and very little info on the web, I found an authoritative source at Rockford Fosgate. I send the folks at Rockford a picture of mine along with dimensions and transformer info (Transformer model MK-121-2A). Two days later they returned that these are the somewhat rare Acoustat Model 4s. Give them a call if you like (I forget the number, but it\'s easy to find on the web and they seemed happy to help).

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