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Rick Perell2004-02-23 22:21

I am a new father with an old pair of acoustat spectra electostatic speakers. Do I have to worry about my child crawling and poking around the speakers? Thanks, concerned Dad


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

It is true that electrostatic loudspeakers do contain hazardous high voltages, but as electrostatics go, Acoustats are quite safe.

Do make sure that the metal interface chassis is properly bolted down: this is where the greatest shock hazard exists. The panel section also contains high voltages, but it is fairly inaccessible with the grille cloth in place. Obviously, a slender metal object, thrust through the grille cloth, could come into contact with high voltage and produce a mild shock, but the chances of that are pretty slim. Any child who would do that probably deserves a bit of a shock anyway (just kidding - sort of).

There are far greater dangers in your home for you to be concerned about, such as electrical outlets and toxic chemicals. As a concerned parent, I\'m sure you\'ve already taken steps to ”childproof” those items. So rest easy dad: it is possible to both enjoy good music, and to raise your children in safety.

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