3, Output, low volumn problem

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Paul2004-02-23 22:21

One of my model 3 speakers is making kind of a sqweaky, low volumn, high frequency hum on the left side, mainly near the top corner. Does not affect the overall sound and can\'t be heard when playing music. I know it\'s not the interface because I switched them around. Are there any electronic components in the panels that could cause the noise? I\'ve never removed the cloth to inspect. Thanks.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

The sound you hear is almost certainly not caused by any defective component. Rather, you probably have some small bit of foreign material (dust, hair, insect wing, etc.) caught in the air gap of the ESL. Methods for remedying this are discussed in my Technical Bulletin, “Popping Panels”. Other than the annoyance of the sound, this condition is causing no harm to the speaker.

The reason for the “squeaky” sound is that the foreign material is actually oscillating back and forth, and making an audible sound. The material oscillates thusly: the electrostatic force causes the particle to move towards the diaphragm. As the particle moves closer to the diaphragm, a small local discharge occurs, which reduces the electrostatic force. The particle therefore moves back to its original position. The charge again increases, causing the particle to again move towards the diaphragm. This cycle repeats itself so rapidly that the particle is moving back and forth at an audible rate.

If the methods described in the Technical Bulletin do not remedy this problem, please write again. You may require several attempts to completely eliminate the problem.

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