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Bryan J. Minhinnett2004-02-23 22:21

Hi Mr. Szabo, I have a pair of what I believe to be Model 4’s. They are about 5’ high and 3’ wide. See picture. They are in beautiful shape and sound wonderful, however I am worried about time taking it’s toll on these speakers and am interested in renewing/refurbishing them. Are you aware of anyone in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that can handle this job. I do not want to give them to just anyone. Also, would you know what present value would be? My insurance company would like to know what the cost of replacement would be. Looking forward to your reply.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

From your description, these do sound like Model 4\'s. Two 9” panels + two 8” panels + about 2” for the frame = about three feet.

Unless you are experiencing a specific problem, there is very little need for any kind of refurbishing. Unlike many conventional cone speakers (that use materials with limited lifespan), Acoustat panels are all plastic, and have shown no history of wearing out, even for panels that are as much as 25 years old. That is why Acoustat could offer a Lifetime Guarantee on the panels. Returns from the field were extremely low, and most of them were original manufacturing defects, detected very early in the life of the speaker. In other words, once the panel is determined to be good, it tends to stay good.

Likewise, the transformer interface has no moving or ”consumable” parts. At one time, Acoustat offered a Medallion Transformer upgrade, but this is no longer available. See my Technical Bulletin ”Acoustat Medallion Transformer Modification” to determine if you might already have these.

Be aware that there are individuals who have ideas about modifications to Acoustat speakers. Though well intentioned, some of these ideas actually violate the operating principals of the speaker. These modifications were strongly discouraged by the factory, and I remain of the same opinion. Other modifications are relatively harmless, such as upgrading capacitors, etc. If you\'re curious about a specific modification, please write again. Some of them are discussed elsewhere in this site.

It is possible that you might want to replace the grille cloth. See my Technical Bulletin Grille Cloth Removal and Replacement and Refurbishing - Available Parts for a source for new cloth.

I think the Model 4\'s sold for about $2500 - $3000/pair. With advances in the state-of-the-art, you could probably replace them with an equivalent new speaker for about the same price. Replacing them with a comparable used Acoustat model could probably be done for less than $1000.

Bryan J. Minhinnett2004-02-23 22:21

My last posting, with picture, indicated that I was not sure whether my speakers were Model 3 or Model 4 Acoustats. Mr. Szabo indicated that they were Model 4\'s based on the width that I had quoted (3 feet). I have since looked closer and re measured and found that there are 3 panels inside the speaker ( 2 X 9” and 1 X 8”), which should make them a Model 3 and second, they are only 28 inches wide. Please apologize to Mr. Szabo for me.

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