3-MH, Crossover, problem

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Les Ehman2004-02-23 22:21

 have a set of Acoustat 3 MH speakers with the MK - 131 transformer. No mods have been done to them and I have a problem with one of the crossovers. The bass coil on one side is allowing the full frequency to get to the sub. What type and value of coil do I need, and where might I find it if it is a special piece?


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

I do not have the specifications for the MK-131 crossover coil. But, the good thing about stereo equipment is that you have two of everything!

I suggest you take out the other good coil and have someone measure its inductance (in millihenries, or mH), and its resistance (in ohms). These are the two most important specifications. A full-service repair shop can probably do this for you.

Once you have the specifications, there are a number of companies that will make custom crossover coils. Ask for an air-core type. I suggest you get two made, and replace them both, so that you have exactly the same part in each channel.

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