2, Interfaces, Medallion C?

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Jeff Cowan2004-02-23 22:21

Reading your notes on the Medallion upgrades, you say the Red lettered ”C” type upgrade was not officially done to non-Medallion transformers. Right about \'88 I picked up my Model 2 with original MK-121\'s. They melted shortly after and I sent them to Rockford for the Medallion upgrade. They came back with the red button on the back! Do you think they ran out of blue buttons or is it honestly a C-type upgrade? Is there a way to check this internally?

I\'m just blown away that you\'ve hooked up with this site. I\'ve read every Q&A you\'ve posted. Very informative.

I would imagine you feel honored to have worked for such a unique company. I know very little about Acoustat\'s early beginnings and Jim Strickland. Is he still alive? If this hasn\'t been done, someone should write a biography of him and a history of the company. It would be awesome to include the progress of the Italian group too...assuming they\'re still in biz. Heck, I\'d even volunteer to research, Interview you all and write the thing!


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

I think you might have misunderstood my previous comment. What I meant was that the ”C” upgrade (a minor modification) was never done by the factory without first doing the Medallion upgrade (a major modification). It is technically possible to do the ”C” upgrade to non-medallion interfaces, but this was never done by the factory.

If you sent your interfaces to Rockford for the Medallion Modification (and paid hundreds of dollars) then you most certainly did receive the Medallion ”C” modification. All Medallion Modifications done by Rockford include both the transformer change and the ”C” upgrade. The ”Red Medallion” label is correct for this. I\'m quite sure that all of the ”Blue Medallion” labels were scrapped long before Rockford bought Acoustat.

If you still want to inspect the interfaces, see my Technical Bulletin ”Acoustat Medallion Transformer Modification” on how to identify if you have Medallion Transformers. The ”C” upgrade can be identified by a 47-uF capacitor in the high-pass circuit. The earlier version used a 220-uf capacitor.

Jim Strickland is alive and well. He is Vice President of Engineering at Rockford Corp. in Tempe Arizona USA. There is a brief biography of him on the their website, www.rockfordcorp.com, under ”Investor Relations: Officers”. I certainly support your idea for creating an ”Acoustat Story”, and am interested in helping in any way that I can.

And yes, I am honored to have been associated with such fine people and great products. I feel lucky to look back on part of my career with such pride, and that is why I continue to support the product. All the Acoustat fans out there deserve whatever help I can provide!

I read your ”story” with interest. How often I\'ve heard that once someone ”goes Acoustat”, there is nothing else that satisfies! By the way, your friend\'s 2+2\'s (with the Blue Medallion label) were likely modified early in the Medallion program, before the Red label ”C” mod was introduced. The ”C” mod can still be done to these speakers.

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