2, Identification needed

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Ben Henry2004-02-23 22:21

I am in the position of also being able to buy a smaller pair of Acoustats from a pawn shop. The problem is, I\'m not sure what the model this pair is. These speakers are shorter than the Spectra 1100s by about a foot, and a little wider. I have not seen them, so I don\'t know if they have an attatched mid woofer. The man at the shop said on the back it says MK1212A and also Stat 2. Do you think they are simply the Model 2s? Please ask if you need more info and thanks in advance for any insight.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

It sounds like the speaker in question is a Model 2. Since it has the MK-121-2A interface, it is a full-range electrostat, without woofer.

I don\'t know what the ”STAT 2” means. The Model 2 had been discontinued by the time I joined the company (which means it was manufactured prior to 1988). If it was anything significant, I would probably know something about it.

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