2, Interfaces, fuses keep blowing

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Stephen Slatin2004-02-23 22:21

Andy, I\'m having a frustrating problem with my Acoustat 2.0s. The fuses on my amplifier (particularly the DC rail fuses) and the fuses on my Acoustats keep blowing out. I assumed the problem was with the amp so I replaced it (and the preamp) but that didn\'t solve the problem, so that leaves the speakers. I\'m using the amplifier manufacturer\'s specified fuses in the amps and 5A slow-blos on the speakers.

Even at moderate loudness levels the system plays only a minute or two before a fuse blows. Strangely, it can happen on both channels at once - but I think it\'s always one of the speaker fuses and the one of the amp fuses on the other channel. What can be causing this, and what can I do about it (besides cultivating a taste for very short musical pieces)? Thanks, Stevee


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

The most likely cause of fuses blowing is that you have bad audio transformer(s) in the interface (black box on the rear of the speaker). The only source for repair and replacement transformers is ”Sounds Like New”, located in Florida USA. Contact them at 516-736-0041, and tell \'em I sent you. You\'ll need to send the interfaces (only) to them for repair.

You didn\'t mention what amplifier you are using, or whether this is only a recent problem. If the amplifier is fairly low powered, driving these rather inefficient speakers can cause severe amplifier clipping. This can cause fuse blowing, and even possibly damage to the speaker and/or amplifier. Acoustat usually recommended at least 100 watts per channel (8-ohm rating).

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