2-MH, Various, modified

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Lee Swanson2004-02-23 22:21

I have a pair of Acoustat 2MHs that I reconfigured to the stacked 1+1 configuration and the woofer boxes are separate. This was done a long time ago and I have left things alone since then.

I was wondering if I can totally eliminate the woofer boxes and do away with the high-pass filter (assuming there is one) and just drive the panels full-range? If so, where is the filter and how do I bypass it? My problem is too much bass that is somewhat ill-defined. Mind you, it is much better than the original, but still doesn\'t have the speed or clarity of the \'static panels.

The interfaces are the Mk-131. I\'m assuming that they cannot be configured for full-range operation as it was only used on the hybrid series. If I\'m in error, please correct me. I\'m driving the speakers with an Acoustat TNP preamp and TNT-120 amp.

Buy the way, thanks for all the work put in on the website. I realize it\'s a large amount of work but we Acoustat owners are highly grateful. Thanks for any direction you could give me.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

The MK-131 interface cannot be converted to full range operation. The audio transformer was designed for a hybrid system, and is not capable of driving full range. There is a high-pass filter before the transformer, but its purpose is to keep low frequencies out of the transformer. Removal of that filter would result in saturation distortion, and possibly even damage to the transformer.

Admittedly, the woofer was the weak point of the MH series. Considerable potential exists for improvement in the woofer system. Have you considered using a different woofer system, possibly even bi-amped?

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